July 3, 2012

Wednesday=Independence Day=Woodstock Farm Festival, 3:30 - 7:30pm

Brian Madden and the Neo Trio. 5pm in the music tent. Straight ahead jazz. With the swinging drums of Steve Haas, the dynamic foundation of Malcom Cecil’s bass, and keyboardist supreme, Mike Kull, Brian Madden’s tenor sax is inspired to create music that keeps toes tapping and hips hopping. There’s vocalizing from the MaddScatter, too.

And come early to hear the vocal stylings of Marji Zintz under the very same music tent from 3:45 - 4:30pm. 

We'll also be having agricultural themed crafts in the Farmer's Market. The Festival of the Voice, our local celebration of the human voice, will be joining us to share the news about this year's festival in August.

And yeah...it's the 4th of July! Stop by early to get some local chicken, chops, zucchini, corn and maybe even some early peaches...all deliciously grill worthy. Check out Eve Fox's great recipe that includes some tempting grilled peaches from her Garden of Eating blog. And don't forget to pick up a pie from Wrights Farm, ice cream from Lazy Crazy Acres or blueberries for that perfect cobbler.

Or...save the grilling for the weekend and grab a falafel from Aba's, empanadas from Block Factory, or a local burger from Marilyn's. And the EaST food truck will be coming with their pan Asian style fare! Think tacos, satays, pad thai and much more!

 And here it is...your moment of Zen. Sungold cherry tomatoes.

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