August 20, 2012

Uncle Rock, solar dryers, and perfect produce

Uncle Rock will be at the market at 5pm this week. The weather's going to be fine, and we'll have plenty of rock for all ages. 

Oliver Wyman will be storytelling under the music tent at 3:30pm, courtesy of The Golden Notebook.

We're coming to harvest time, and we're starting our Preserving the Harvest series. Chrisso Babcock from Cody Creek Farm will bring their solar dryer for a food preservation demo at 5pm.

Michelle Bernardi and the great crew from Oriole 9's Project Roots will be back for their last children's a children's program that explores tasting and cooking with local food.

Photo: Michelle Bernardi

Transition Towns is driven by the challenges of peak oil and climate change, the Transition Initiative (TI) catalyzes the preparedness of local communities for a future which looks very different from the present. The Woodstock Transition Initiative will be at the market from 3:30-5:30pm. Come learn about their great event happening on September 22!

And hey! We're starting our raffles again. First up is a beautiful Alice Waters' cookbook, Menus for Chez Panisse. You can purchase tickets at the market starting this Wednesday.

A few upcoming events:

We're having a Tomato Contest at the August 29 market. This was a great idea from Shirley Rose and we're really looking forward to it. Stack your Tomato Pie against the competition's by bringing it to the market at 4pm. Tastings will start around 5pm. The only rule is that the tomatoes have to local of course!

And...Scarecrow Fest is back on September 12! Half art exhibit, half Fall Festival, this special edition of the Farm Festival is brought to you by the Woodstock Land Conservancy. So, come on down and better yet, make a scarecrow. It's fun, easy and can find more info at, and we'll be holding a scarecrow making workshop at the August 29 market.  

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