June 6, 2011

Joel Salatin in Woodstock

The Woodstock Land Conservancy & the Woodstock Farm Festival teamed up to host a talk with Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm in Woodstock this past winter.

Here's a video of his talk: Why Food, Farms and Eating Local Matter.

Special Thanks to Staci & Craig at Slow Films Woodstock


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  2. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    I am not usually a commentator, but I must express my gratitude to both Mr. Salatin and the people who facilitated his appearance on my screen (of which I am sure there are many). The Jefferson reference was the edible flower on the plate. I am inspired and encouraged.

  3. AnonymousJuly 24, 2011

    Thanks for posting this!

  4. Thank you for educating the public. We need more of this kind of discussion. We need to take our food back!!! Save American and Save Ourselves!

  5. Without question...finally a true and modest leader, Joel Salatin, who serves as a role model for a sincere lifestyle which used to exist 125 years ago. It takes a funeral to bring consciousness and people back together again. Joel is now reading the American eulogy. Politics not needed, never was needed. Time to get back to work on the land and honor what God gave us to live on. If your dependent on grocery stores for your food then you remain a victim. A governments' main original purpose was to protect the people in the best interest of the people. This theory no longer exists and has not since the creation of the political ego. At one time we were honored with people like Abe Lincoln. Like Abe, our true leaders spoke with truth and never needed to spend 100 million plus to create a marketing program to be elected into office. The USDA and FDA remain in power because we gave them that power and said: Run our lives for us please!
    Turn the TV, cell phone and radio off, put down the anti-depressants and find out who we are and why we are each here on this planet in this lifetime. Serve a purpose for the good of humanity and the planet not to mention all living things.
    Thank you Joel.

  6. Thanks for posting this!