August 24, 2010

Tomatoes Recipes and Corn Recipes

July 28, Tomato Recipe winner: Bruschetta, submitted by the very busy Barbara Hirth-Strauss who was not present for her winner's photograph.  She did collect her gift certificate from Bistro To Go.

The next recipe contest featured corn, and the new judge on the scene was Kevin from Red Onion ( east of town on Route 212). Kevin cooked up, en place, a lovely corn and bacon and mushroom and butter and butter and butter something, something like a sauce.  Whatever it was called, it was really tasty.

One week later....
August 11: We had many many creative and delicious corn recipes, including chili corn muffins, cornbread, corn pudding, homemade corn tortilla tacos, and more.  Here is Chef Kevin, and his sous-chef son Jonah, considering the entries.

The winner involved chocolate and was called Cocoa Corn:
Roasted Corn with butter, topped with melted chocolate with chilis.  Of course I tried it and it was delish.

And the happy winners:
The Greenleaf family with Chef Kevin and son Jonah.

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