July 22, 2010

So Many Recipes!

June 30 was our Strawberries recipe contest, and the winner, with a wonderful Summer Strawberry Salad, was the mother-daughter team of Jackie and Gianna Stancarone. Here are the winners with their blue ribbon, receiving a $50 gift certificate from Amanda at the Tea Shop, which is right on Maple Lane and open during the farm festival every week.

Jackie and Gianna made a simple recipe that you can read right on this photo.

Our next recipe contest featured peaches.  Here is Barbara Bogart from Touché Restaurant, with her super- delicious peach offering: a peach compote on a toasted bread with garlic and blue cheese.  Mmmm.

The following week saw the biggest recipe contest to date, with nearly four thousand entries.  Actually, there were nine entries, but that's still a lot considering that this is a brand new farm festival program this season. The winner was young Gianna Stancarone, with Peach-Pomegranate Salsa, claiming her second victory in as many weeks.  Lookout Woodstock, here comes our next celebrity chef!  Here she is with her blue ribbon and gift certificate and Barbara from Touché Restaurant, which sponsored this contest:

Many people at the festival brought their own forks and spoons after the judging and tasted the contest entries, and some recipes were requested. So, here are some photos of the peach contest entries, and some of the recipes:

So much for peaches- on to tomatoes!  
On July 21, Bistro To Go (North side of Route 28 between Woodstock and Kingston) came up to the festival to offer their take on tomatoes.  In the raw form, a gazpacho with zing:

 (Chef Jonathan is aptly reflected in the platter.)

 (It is never too early to start tasting gazpacho.)

In the cooked form, a sweet tomato jam that they served in small pastry cups with some chicken salad underneath the jam:

What does this mean to you?  It means that next week, July 28, come to the farm festival armed with your best tomato recipe, enough to feed one judge just enough to fall in love with it, and you could walk away with a gift certificate for $50 from Bistro To Go.  

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