July 27, 2009

MUSIC on the MAIN STAGE on JULY 29th

Some call her music throaty monster folk, others call it dark and funny alt-country, but I guarantee, singer-guitarist Deena Rae Turner does not play your older sister’s weepy folk. Deena Rae grew up in the South but cut her musical teeth in New York’s East Village in the 1990s. She played with flinty bands Staplegun and Defrokt, eventually loosing her spirit on the world as a solo artist in 1999. At once wry and sincere, her songs tell stories that involve seemingly simple subjects—animals, cars, and boyfriends—but soon reveal soul-dwelling beasts, tender wisdom, and killer humor. At the center is Turner’s voice, which swings from a country twang to an evocative gut-warped croon. But her playing, sometimes loose, sometimes spiny is always spirited, and never the same. Deena Rae is known for her full-throttle, engaginglive shows.

* Please note that Nina Sheldon's performance has been cancelled.

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