September 21, 2008

Green Tips

Have you ever eaten pasture-fed meat? It is available here in the Hudson Valley. The following comes from an article in the Detroit Free Press about pasture-based farms, which specialize in grass-fed animals that have not been injected with drugs or hormones, have not been kept in restricted spaces, and haven't been fattened up with grains they ordinarily would not eat.

According to David Conner, research specialist at Michigan State University's Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies, “studies show that pasture-based farms have a higher profit per animal, and that the farmers are generally happier, most likely because they don't have as many conflicts with their neighbors over smell and other issues.”

His research revealed that 80% of Michiganders believe pasture-raised meats are healthier, but that most mistakenly believe they are getting them already, probably because of unclear [sic no] labeling. More than 90% also said that given the opportunity, they'd be very or somewhat likely to purchase pasture-raised milk and beef and would pay an average 41% more per pound.

Those who have made the switch say they started because they were trying to be healthier, but kept going because they like the taste.

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