August 31, 2008

Hey Kids!

Q: What did one watermelon say to the other watermelon?
A: You’re pitiful.
© Steve Charney & David Goldbeck, The ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables & Beyond (Ceres Press)

If you want to get some practice before Halloween, how about making a watermelon jack o'lantern that's sweet and scary. You'll need a watermelon, a carving knife for your parents to use, a big spoon or ice cream scoop, paper and pencil, and your imagination.

Draw your ideas for a scary melon on a piece of paper. Then copy it on to the watermelon. Now, ask an adult to cut out the face and remove the top. You get the fun part. Scoop out all the sweet melon with a large spoon or ice cream scoop. Eat it, add it to fruit salad or puree it in the blender for a refreshing drink.

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