July 8, 2008


The Woodstock Farm Festival is committed to helping our community minimize its environmental impact. You can do your part by passing things you no longer need on to others rather than into the waste stream.

* Give clothes, bedding, toys, and other household items in good condition to Family of Woodstock, Family's Domestic Violence Shelter and The Family Inn and Darmstadt Shelters in Kingston. Call the Woodstock office first at 679-2485.
* Donate books you’ve read to the Woodstock Library.
* Take your old cell phone, PDA, mp3 player, digital cameras, ink cartridges, and batteries to Hip E Living E-Waste Recycling Program at 65 Tinker St. All proceeds from their recycling program go to the Catskill Centre for Conservation. http://www.hipeliving.com/
*Take advantage of the Hudson Valley Materials Exchange (HVME) Community Warehouse, which has reopened at the Town of New Paltz Transfer Station on Clearwater Rd. Open Wed-Sat 12-5, HVME is a non-profit resource for used/surplus arts, education and building materials rescued from the commercial waste stream. www.hvme.com/

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