July 20, 2008


Richard Erickson and Jonathan Sheridan of Bistro-To-Go teamed up to create the winning entry in the first annual Woodstock Farm Festival Chefs' Challenge. Their delectable summer bruschetta was made from fresh ingredients purchased at the Wednesday Farm Festival, as were all the entries. Keep in mind that part of the excitement and “challenge” is discovering what’s in the market and preparing something without a recipe.

That said, here is how they all went about it.

Woodstock Farm Festival Bruschettas from Richard Erickson and Jonathan Sheridan
As the chefs noted, “the proportions don't really matter all that much. Everything is fresh and local.”

Italian Sausage from Veritas Farms
Shallots from RSK
Summer Savory
Cremini Mushrooms from Bulich Mushroom Co.
Gold Bar Squash from Liberty View Farm
Sweet Corn from Davenport Farm
Lacinato or Tuscan Kale
Orange cherry tomatoes

Take the sausage out of the casing and slowly render in olive oil.

Grill the sweet corn until done.

Add shallots and mushrooms.

Add pinch of Bistro Blend Porcini rub with red pepper flakes.

Remove center stem from kale and finely chiffonade (roll up, then finely slice). Add to sausage mix.

Dice the squash into 1/3” cubes and add to sausage mix. Add chopped savory. Slowly cook all until done, but the vegetables still hold their shape

Remove corn from cobs.

Toss everything together with more olive oil and a suggestion of red wine vinegar. Check seasoning, ie. salt and pepper.

Serve over Bruschettas (You can get the bread for this at the Farm Market from Wild Hive Bakery.) Top with a slice of the cherry tomatoes. Enjoy.

The competition was fierce from Pierre-Luc Moeys of Oriole 9 and Ric Orlando and Justin Sedlak of New World Home Cooking. The unusual and tantalizing combination of peaches with polenta and vegetables from the New World team, and chicken slices on goat cheese over toast from Oriole-9 also received high praise from all the tasters.

Crostinis with Peaches, Goat Cheese and Grilled Chicken from Pierre-Luc Moeys
Slice up the bread and drizzle it with a little olive oil, then grill it so it becomes crusty.

Meanwhile unpit the peaches and grill them until they have nice black griddle stripes on them, take them off and peel, then chop them up.

Mix peaches with goat cheese, some salt and pepper, and add some thyme for a nice aroma.

Grill the chicken breast and when cooked, cut in thin strips.
Take a crostini and add some peach/goat cheese mixture. Then on top lay a piece of chicken, add some fleur de sel (French sea salt)and enjoy.

Grilled Eggplant from Pierre-Luc Moeys
Slice and salt the eggplant then grill until FULLY cooked. Meanwhile, chop up parsley, garlic and chili until really fine. When the eggplant is cooked, sprinkle with the parsley mix and drizzle red wine vinegar over it. Finish with a few drips of olive oil . ENJOY.

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