May 18, 2008


Whether this is your first time or you are a seasoned shopper, here are some pointers that might make this a more fruitful day.

  • Come without a list. This probably goes against what you've learned, but the point of going to the farmers' market is to get the freshest possible produce. So buy whatever looks best and then plan your meals around your purchase.

  • Take time to chat with our farmers. Getting to know your local growers is part of the fun of shopping at a farmers' market. You'll become a wiser shopper.

  • Try new foods. Buy something you've never had before.

  • Never tasted kohlrabi? Ask the farmer the best way to enjoy it. The grower can tell you how to select, store and prepare produce you are unsure about.

  • As you buy, put heavier, firmer items on the bottom of your bag or basket.

  • If it's a hot day, bring a cooler to transport home the food you buy.

Nikki Goldbeck

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